Dudley's Easter Egg Blast

Egg Blast is fun and easy to use egg decorating kit that can be used on hard-boiled or plastic eggs.

This easy-to-use product is great for children of all ages. Create egg-cellent eggs using a rainbow of colors!

Egg Blast Directions & Tips!

Step 1

Use room temperature hard-boiled eggs or plastic dye-able eggs. Protect the surface of the work area with freezer paper, waxed paper, newspaper or a plastic tablecloth. Set out the contents from the kit onto your work area. You may also want to have a drying tray and some paper towels handy.

NOTE: You can use a muffin tin or an egg carton as a drying tray.

Step 2

Detach egg blast by pulling top and bottom pieces apart.

Remove cap from desired dye pen and insert into the center of the egg.


Step 3

Fit the top and bottom pieces of Egg Blast back together with dye pen securely inside.


Step 4

Place egg on egg stand to hold in place.

Step 5

Blow through the mouth piece to blast your eggs with colored spray.

Repeat color for full coverage or reference Step 3 to change colors.

Dudley's Helpful Hints:
Allow refrigerated eggs to come to room temperature before beginning to dye them.
If any condensation occurred, be sure to dry the eggs before you start.

For lighter coverage, hold egg blast approximately 3 inches away during activity. Move closer for more coverage.

Place stickers on egg to embellish if desired or just color egg using Egg Blast.

Allow refrigerated, colored eggs to dry before handling. Condensation may cause colors to smear.

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