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Dudley's Top 10 Easter Egg Activities

January 5th, 2017

#10 - Easter Egg Tapping Contest

This game, which reportedly dates back to medieval times,
is played all over the world. Two competitors repeatedly knock the pointed ends of their hard-boiled eggs together until one of the eggs cracks; the overall winner is the one whose egg succeeds in breaking the greatest number of other eggs.

#9 - Easter Egg Rolling

Play the historic White House Easter Egg roll game. US Presidents have been hosting the egg roll game since the 1800s. Use a spoon to push a hard-boiled Easter Egg on the ground to the finish line. The first person across the line wins.

#8 – Easter Egg Shot-Put

Use hard-boiled Easter Eggs and see who can throw it the farthest. Mark each throw with a plastic spoon in the ground with the thrower's name on the spoon. Extra points could be given for creative throwing styles.

#7 - Pass the Easter Egg

Set up two or more teams. Have each team stand in a line. The first person holds it under their chin and passes it to the neck of the next person without using your hands. The first team to get the egg to the end of the line wins.

#6 - Carry the Easter Egg on a Spoon

This game has been played since the late 1800s. Place a hard-boiled Easter egg on a spoon and race for the finish line. The first person across the line wins.

#5 – Easter Egg Toss Game

Typically this game is most fun using raw eggs, but it could also be played using hard-boiled eggs. Participants line up in two lines about 6 feet apart from each other and toss the egg to their teammate. After each round, one line takes a step back. The game continues until there is only one person with an unbroken egg.

#4 - Count the Easter Eggs

Count Easter Eggs and place them into a large jar or vase. Let the participants guess how many are in the container. The person who guesses the best wins. You can make this game a little more challenging by adding jelly beans to the vase to make it harder to count.

#3- Huckle Buckle Easter Egg!

To warm up for the big Easter Egg hunt, you can easily play this version of "Huckle Buckle Bean Stalk" anywhere and anytime. This game originated in the 1800s. All players leave the room while one person hides one Easter Egg. Everyone comes back to the room and tries to find the egg. When a player finds the egg, they sit down and say "Huckle Buckle Easter Egg!" All of the other players keep looking until they each find it. The first person that spotted the egg gets to hide the egg in the next round.

#2 – Easter Egg Hunt

Indoors or outdoors, a small Easter egg hunt or a large one, they are always fun! You can also hide a special "Golden Egg" that has a special prize associated with it.

#1 - Decorating Easter Eggs with Dudley's EGGceptional Decorating Kits!

Dudley makes Easter Egg decorating Egg-stra fun and easy with a super variety of Egg-citing kits that are great for kids of all ages!!! Time spent decorating eggs together will bring laughter, encourage creativity and build special memories for the whole family! Take photos of your favorite egg creations and post them on Dudley's Facebook Page here: 

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