Dudley & Gang

Dudley – A fun and creative bunny that loves to explore the tradition of Easter while always adding the Dudley touch to his creations.

Gus – This curious caterpillar loves to get his "hands" dirty! He is always anxious to see what new things there are for Easter.

Petals – A beautiful butterfly who loves the colors of Easter and offers her gentle, soft touch to decorating.

Phoebe – This fuzzy chick is Dudley's best friend. They are always together exploring and daydreaming about how to make the world a more colorful place!

Oggy –This lamb is Dudley's close Chemist friend. When Dudley and Oggy collaborate they always create colorful dyes to make egg decorating new and exciting.

Emmi – Dudley's baby sister, Emmi, may be the baby but she has big, bright ideas and can be competitive! Dudley is always proud of his baby sister.

Hamlet – This pink pal is one class clown; Ears and all! He is always hunting for ways to crack jokes to the whole Dudley’s gang.

Stanley – A bright-eyed, fluffy tail ducking; that loves to splash in the water while helping friend Dudley dye his Easter Eggs.

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